Behind the scenes with Celine

Thank you JP Santos! Thank you for letting me waste your time hehe

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Suit and Tie - Justin Timberlake cover by cuwenicu

Spoliarium ❤
(c) Joseph Ronquillo 


(c) Joseph Ronquillo 

awkward poses. puberty. 

awkward poses. puberty. 

The Pinwheel and Me


Life is full of options; unfortunately, many of us don’t see it that way. And I am one of those people who are trapped in doing only what they are used to do in their whole lives.

Like a pinwheel, my life as of now only goes with the flow. It turns fast, slow or not even at all according to the circumstances that comes my way. Some pinwheels consist only of one or two colors, others have theirs fading. But this rainbow-colored pinwheel represents the different moods I have inside of me. Either they’re brighter than sunshine or darker than my underarms. And whatever type of wind blows upon me, may it be gust, crosswind, zephyr or a tornado, my colors stays vibrant because the one who created me, made sure that I’d be able to stand the test of time.

But it’s not forever that I would like to consider myself as a pinwheel. I want to be free. Someday,I  want to have wings, so that I can soar and go to places I’ve never been and always wanted. By that time, I also wish that I already found the right person who will be beside me; then it will be righteous to sing in that moment “you are the wind beneath my wings

(painted by Mico Bullangay)

favorite mv of the year.

Passion Pit - Carried Away (by passionpitVEVO)

stuck with this song for 2 weeks now and lovin’ it!!!! 

Phoenix - Trying To Be Cool (Official Video) (by The Creators Project)

My new sounds:

2 in 1! Elephants and Orange ❤
Kob khun ka Sandy! 

2 in 1! Elephants and Orange 

Kob khun ka Sandy! 

Jessamyn :) 

Jessamyn :)